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One of the best ways to fight the corporate machine is to communicate. As physicians, we tend to be fiercely independent. As fighters, we must work together.

The GuerillaDocs Round Table lets us all communicate via email. Send a message to the list (at and you share it with everyone. The Guerilla Physician won't spam you and won't give your email address to anyone else. You can cancel your subscription at any time. There is no cost whatsoever.

Please me to/from the Guerilla Physician Mailing List. My name is (example: John Smith):

My email address is (example:

NB: Click once and wait. Subscription requests can take 20 seconds or so to process.

Too complicated? Having problems? Just email your question or request to and it will be handled personally.

More Guerilla Physician tools coming soon!

Watch this space for documentation aids (including an electronic time stamping service and electronic medical records server), sample templates for letters to insurers, insurance company fax numbers, and more!

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